Liberties and freedom in Estonia

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In terms of political and civil liberties, Estonia is 1. Citizens in Estonia experience total freedom. The majority of countries where citizens enjoy wide civil liberties and political liberties are representative democracies, where officials are directly elected by the citizens to advocate for their needs and wants. Free countries are often empowered by healthy economies and well-functioning governments. The companies in Estonia are 2 in terms of economic freedom. Citizens in Estonia are considered to be largely free in their economic decisions. While the government exercises some control over trade, citizens can still control their own finances and property. Corruption may exist, but it does not greatly impede economic growth or freedom. In terms of journalistic freedom, Estonia's media are in a 1. In Estonia, journalists are generally allowed to express a variety of opinions and there are a number of news sources. However, the government can criticize or disapprove of certain subjects or publications. This is considered satisfactory.


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